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2Libras is a Seattle based Cyberpunk band that creates dark, synthy beats infused with melodic guitars and vocal harmony. Their music infuses genres of industrial, dark electro, synthwave/synthpop and rock. Thematically, 2Libras focuses on lyrics that reflect the influence of technology, big data, and social media in our global society and how that affects interpersonal relationships while diminishing our collective outlook. 2Libras is a postmodern throwback to the raw alternative rock that dominated the airwaves a couple of decades ago, which in the turbulent 2020s, is ready to resurface in the collective consciousness. Don’t believe it? Double-check your algorithms.

2Libras was started by Wesley and Jewels Foster Rogers in January 2018. Since then they've self released their Full Length Album "World's End",  9 other EP's/Singles, 4 Music Videos, Toured the West Coast several times, Headlined and opened shows with Aesthetic Perfection, Actors, Korine, Dance with the Dead, Kaelan Mikla, Oberer Totpunkt, Das Ich, Test Dept, Gost, Vio\ator, GenCab, Josie Pace, Luna 13, and Lazerpunk.

They are featured on several episodes of Band Wars, a Jackass style show that features bands in silly competitions and pranks. The first season is now airing on Amazon Prime TV.

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